Golf in Guanacaste / Eco-Golf.

Golf Courses in Costa Rica: Guanacaste 

Golf courses in Guanacaste are characterized by their stunning ocean views and windy play. Either one of Four Seasons Costa Rica, Westin Playa Conchal or Hacienda Pinilla will test your game and show you Costa Rica's dry rainforest. The Four Seasons and Reserva Conchal are constantly named by Conde Nast and T+L in the top courses in the world.

All of these Guanacaste courses are inside exclusive resorts that in most cases limit play to their resort guests. Only Hacienda Pinilla golf course is entirely public and it is also the most affordable to play.

Reserva Conchal resort and Four Seasons are completely closed to the public but we offer exclusive access to this awesome courses just Contact Us or call (866) 448-3182 to book Conchal or Four Seasons.

Environment and Weather

Another factor that makes golf in Guanacaste different is that is much more arid than other golf courses in Costa Rica. This makes the golf season a year long option and I believe more enjoyable.

Due to the lack of water the most used grass is passpalum - a blend that can be irrigated with ocean water and has an interesting side effect: reduces the need for bug killers. This is in line with the commitment with the environment that golf courses in Costa Rica have (all of them are Audubon certified).

Guanacaste Golf Course Pics

We offer golf packages to Four Seasons, Reserva Conchal and Hacienda Pinilla. Contact Us or call (866) 448-3182 for a no pressure consultation. We are committed to show you the best golf that Costa Rica has to offer... at a discount.